Redhill and Reigate Live event nets charity £2,500

1:35pm Friday 25th June 2010

Further to the fantastic Redhill and Reigate Live event, which took place on June 4 in aid of The Children’s Trust, I would like to thank everyone who supported the evening to make it such a success. Some £2,500 was raised for the trust during a great night of live music by local bands at the 20 participating pubs in Redhill and Reigate.

Skylark devastation at "Three Pill Box Hill"

12:14pm Wednesday 16th June 2010

For many years the skylarks bred and sang on what I will christen “Three Pill Box Hill” - two in good repair and one a heap of rubble.

Theft fears over charity goods

1:13pm Friday 29th January 2010

On Monday, January 25, at 8am, I dropped off two large bags of clothes and household goods outside the Scope shop in Victoria Road, Horley.

Hunt in family tree quest

1:00pm Friday 11th December 2009

We are trying to trace my husband's family and we have come across four names.

Cat reunited with owners

5:41pm Monday 7th December 2009

Regarding your recent story about the cat found in the Raglan Road area of Reigate, which had an Italian microchip, thank you and your editor on behalf of all of us at Cats Protection for helping us to find the cats's owners.

Backing for antisocial parking crackdown

10:46am Monday 2nd November 2009

I wholeheartedly endorse Surrey County Council cracking down on antisocial parking through new laws.

The cost of borough's bin collection change leaflet

4:21pm Friday 30th October 2009

Recently, all residents in the borough of Reigate and Banstead received a letter advising us that from October 26, collection days were changing for the Refuse, Recycling and Garden Waste by the Head of Neighbourhood Services.

Don't destroy this community facility

10:12am Friday 23rd October 2009

The divide between the haves and have-nots of Reigate once again rears its ugly head.

We need Gatwick

5:30pm Monday 19th October 2009

With all due respect to MP Peter Ainsworth and the fight against expansion of Gatwick, do they realise how much the Horley area relies on the airport for its prosperity?

Wind turbines? Tidal power would be reliable

10:40am Monday 28th September 2009

Wind turbines 100 metres high may have their appeal but rows and rows of these along the Surrey Hills would damage their present character beyond all recognition.

What a waste of time and money

12:39pm Monday 14th September 2009

16sep letter IN your front page article “Have A Say On Airport Noise,” you mention that the European Union have told Gatwick Airport to provide noise measurements using the Lden measurement of average noise.

Chainsaw massacre

11:27am Monday 24th August 2009

May I protest about the slaughter on Tenth Avenue or more accurately, Station Approach, Horley?

How many more houses do we need?

9:22am Thursday 20th August 2009

The Farmhouse is a popular pub in Horley and the garden is an integral part of the pub and the pub is an integral part of the community.

Parakeets in my garden

Redhill And Reigate Life: Parakeets in my garden

11:35am Monday 20th July 2009

In Life of July 6 there was a letter about parakeets in the Haroldslea area of Horley.

Squawk, squawk! Here come parakeets

12:38pm Monday 6th July 2009

Last week I was in my garden enjoying the lovely weather when I heard a flock of noisy birds approaching.

Streetpastors are welcome

12:35pm Monday 6th July 2009

Regarding the Redhill Streetpastors (Life, July 1), may I say that anything that helps the homeless living on the streets of Redhill must be good.

Great carnival, great effort

12:45pm Thursday 18th June 2009

I would like to express my thanks to all of those involved in making Redhill and Reigate Carnival happen last weekend. A huge number of people contributed – most of all the committee, but also the stewards, performers, paraders, bands, sponsors, and many more. Again it was an excellent event, despite happening during a far more difficult economic climate than the last two carnivals.

Cemetery is such a disgrace

Redhill And Reigate Life: Cemetery is such a disgrace

9:38am Tuesday 26th May 2009

When I visited Horley cemetery I was disgusted and appalled to see overflowing bins that clearly hadn’t been emptied for weeks, so much so that there is rubbish blowing around the gravestones.

A small-scale supermarket

2:59pm Monday 18th May 2009

Did you know that Caterham and Oxted are getting small supermarkets because the Co-op has taken over the old Woolies stores?

Have your say on planning law

2:58pm Monday 18th May 2009

The Local Democracy, Economic Development and Construction Bill is currently passing through Parliament.

Real cost of the mayor’s Jag

12:16pm Thursday 7th May 2009

I am sure most residents will have been flabbergasted to read about the purchase of a new Jaguar for the mayor of Reigate and Banstead Borough Council.

Inspirational nonsense

12:14pm Thursday 7th May 2009

Warmest congratulations on your photos of Horley’s St George’s Day. It’s a while since I was at school and I’m not sure of the authenticity of the characters depicted but what glorious inspirational nonsense.

My thanks

12:12pm Thursday 7th May 2009

My thanks to the family who came and found me on bank holiday Sunday to tell me my loved Burmese cat had been run over in Oakwood Road.

One way to clear rubbish from the trees

1:10pm Monday 20th April 2009

May I write about choking? As a resident of the aesthetic Langshott estate, I noticed with dismay, as our beautiful trees and shrubs shed their autumnal leaves, how many were being choked by beer cans, plastic bags, bottles, traffic cones and sundry rubbish – all non-biodegradable – so they will stay and accumulate forever.

We need schools like this

9:53am Monday 23rd February 2009

I must reply to the attack on Horley Infant School for staying open during the snow.

State of our roads is a disgrace

9:47am Monday 23rd February 2009

I am writing from Woodside Way, Salfords, in disgust at the state of our roads.

This school should have closed

9:40am Monday 16th February 2009

I am saddened by the story about Horley Infant School staying open in the snow.

Loopy to axe Ainsworth

11:02am Tuesday 27th January 2009

Following your excellent coverage, may I express my extreme dismay at the axing of Peter Ainsworth from the Shadow Cabinet? The Tories must be going loopy.

These idiots who do 40mph

12:54pm Monday 19th January 2009

Regarding Jill Harvey’s letter, I totally support 20mph speed limits.

We back 20mph limit

12:22pm Monday 5th January 2009

We enthusiastically support Jonathan Essex's call for 20mph speed limits in residential areas and outside schools and care homes.

Nickname the estate deserves

12:00pm Thursday 18th December 2008

The weekend rains saw rising river levels as so often is the case and it comes as no surprise to those of us that have lived in Horley for many years.

Parking curbs are ridiculous

11:29am Tuesday 21st October 2008

When, when, when are the parking restrictions on the Gardens estate in Horley going to be removed?

Search for relatives

5:25pm Monday 22nd September 2008

I am wondering whether any readers can help me find any descendants from my great-grandfather.

It’s charity shop heaven

5:24pm Monday 22nd September 2008

A few weeks ago the virtues of the proposed regeneration of Horley town centre were extolled in Life.

Please share out the charity bags

2:32pm Monday 22nd September 2008

YET another charity bag popped through my letter box today.

Put vaccination campaign on hold

3:49pm Friday 19th September 2008

The news item in this week's Life about the HPV vaccination campaign to protect against cervical cancer includes an unreferenced statement that "the vaccine itself is safe, with no serious side effects reported either in clinical trials or among the hundreds of thousands of women who have received it worldwide."

Why can't we use our original bins?

11:16am Tuesday 9th September 2008

When I moved into my house in 1996 I purchased two dustbins, one for household and one for garden.

Join our worship

11:12am Tuesday 9th September 2008

Thank you for the article on Back to Church Sunday on August 20. All three Horley Churches of England will be celebrating this on Sunday, September 28.

Stop all that noise!

9:33am Tuesday 12th August 2008

Our flat overlooks the recycling bins in the Victoria Road car park in Horley.

Commuters use Express too

9:29am Tuesday 5th August 2008

I was disappointed, although not surprised, to read the views aired by the Gatwick Airport Consultative Committee in your issue of July 30.

Why we need to shop locally

11:12am Tuesday 29th July 2008

Regarding the development of Horley, some people are concerned that if the planned redevelopment gets the green light and happens Horley will become a ghost town.

Let's see some common sense

3:59pm Thursday 24th July 2008

Having managed to get into Horley for the first time in many months, I looked at the new station entrance. Original sketches were quite modern-looking but all I could see was a small door in the corner of the building. What happened to talk of opening up one of the arches into Platform One and making a smart entrance?

Government challenged over police cash curbs

1:18pm Tuesday 22nd July 2008

SURREY Police Authority is challenging the Government over a budget cap for the next two years. The challenge was announced at a public meeting in which its members approved the local policing plan and targets for the year 2008 to 2009.

All a question of priorities

12:13pm Tuesday 22nd July 2008

We are writing in reply to the letter from Peter Camden (July 1).

Consultation should mean a conversation

11:34am Tuesday 8th July 2008

I have not followed the consultation process for Horley's regeneration but I can sympathise with Horley Chamber of Commerce chairman Peter von Staerck's feeling that local views are not being taken into account (Life, July 2).

Anniversary worth celebrating

2:28pm Monday 7th July 2008

The sixtieth anniversary of the NHS is an occasion worth celebrating.

Riding roughshod

2:26pm Monday 7th July 2008

I AM totally dismayed at the total lack of consultation from Reigate and Banstead Borough Council regarding the work being carried out along Balcombe Road footpath.

Additional taxes

11:32am Tuesday 1st July 2008

I read in the summer edition of Borough News that our council is to distribute large brown wheelie bins for the purpose of collecting compostible garden waste.

Disdain for pedestrians

10:41am Tuesday 1st July 2008

I was interested to read the letter from Nora McCarthy in last week's Life.

Parents must take responsibility

10:18am Tuesday 1st July 2008

While waiting for a dentist appointment I overheard two mothers saying that they had received phone calls from school teachers complaining about their children's unruly behaviour.


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