Surrey residents have composted more than 1,000 tons of garden, food and household waste in the past year.

Surrey County Council said the waste 'mountain' is equivalent to the weight of 64 garden sheds.

The council said it has sold more than 15,000 bins during the last five years, to encourage residents to try composting their rubbish so it rots away naturally.

Mike Goodman, Surrey County Council’s cabinet member for the environment, said: “Caring for the environment is one of the county council’s priorities, and home composting is easier than many people realise.

“All you have to do is add your garden, fruit and vegetable waste and an equal amount of items like shredded paper, cardboard and egg shells.

“After about a year, it will be a nutritious compost to use in the garden.”

To see the range of discounted compost bins available from £15, and for more information on how to compost, visit the composting in Surrey website at: Alternatively, people can call 0844 571 4444 or email: