Private landlords who failed to carry out essential improvements to a flat in Redhill, with “significant” risks to the health of the tenant who they went on to evict, have been convicted and fined.

Joelle and Marc Kemp were convicted under housing legislation at Redhill Magistrates Court earlier this month.

Mr and Mrs Kemp, who pleaded guilty to the offences, will have to pay £4,387 in fines and costs.

They were convicted on March 4 of non-compliance with improvement notices issued to them under the Housing Act of 2004.

Reigate and Banstead Borough Council officers were initially asked to look at the property, a ground floor flat in Wilton Road, Redhill, by the-then tenant. “The risks to health at the flat were significant,” explained Peter Tonge, the borough council's environmental health manager.

“Improvements were needed to insulation and to the windows to bring the flat up to an acceptable standard, but Mr and Mrs Kemp did not do these, despite us issuing a notice requiring that they carry out the work,” he said. “Instead, Mr and Mrs Kemp evicted their tenant. They then re-let the property leaving the works outstanding.”

Mr Tonge continued: “We are keen to support the borough’s business community but we also have a responsibility to take action against businesses who flout the rules. “We will take robust action against landlords who do not carry out their responsibilities to provide safe and healthy accommodation for their tenants.”

Mr and Mrs Kemp were each convicted of one offence under Section 30 (1) and (3) of the Housing Act 2004. They were each fined £1,000 and were ordered to pay £2,387 costs, which were awarded to the borough council.