A new charity shop has opened in Redhill run by the Salvation Army.

Captain Trevor Green of The Salvation Army opened and blessed the Salvation Army Trading Company Ltd (SATCoL) charity shop at 62a/64 Station Road.

Shop manager Kelly Craib said: “We’ve been very busy getting the shop ready for a while now and the response from local residents has been fantastic.

“People have been regularly popping by, keen to see what’s going on and how they can help.

“We’ve also had some very generous donations from locals so we’re absolutely thrilled.”

Profit from the staff and volunteer-run shop will be gift-aided to The Salvation Army to help fund its work throughout the UK, including supporting homeless shelters, substance misuse centres and family tracing services.

Area manager Justin Frost said: “We hope that this fantastic start continues and local people will continue to support us by shopping, donating and thinking about whether they’d like to become part of our team of volunteers.”

For more information on SATCoL charity shops visit the website: www.wear2shop.co.uk People interested in volunteering should visit the shop or e-mail: volunteer@satradingco.org