You suggest that landfill space will run out in about nine years (Life, October 11). Not true. There are plenty of holes in the ground that need filling, and there will always be more so long as we continue to make glass out of sand and bricks out of clay.

The truth is that the European Union, through its Landfill Directive, has banned this form of waste disposal.

Leaving aside the point that Britain leads the world in hygienic landfill, we should ask ourselves what possible business of the EU's this is.

Perhaps our brilliant negotiators in Brussels agreed to this imposition in return for being allowed to keep double-decker buses - which the EU had plans to ban. It's the way our lives our governed these days. Did the party you voted for even mention the EU?

Joseph B. Fox, chairman, Reigate, Epsom and Mole Valley UK Independence Party St Anne's Way, Redhill