On Monday, January 25, at 8am, I dropped off two large bags of clothes and household goods outside the Scope shop in Victoria Road, Horley.

As I was pulling away into the traffic, a newish large silver Audi pulled up outside the shop and a Spanish-looking lady in her early 30s got out.

She took everything that was outside the shop, put it in her car boot, and sped up the road.

Later in the day, I called the shop and explained the incident to them and was told that it was no-one that works for them.

I am concerned that this lady is driving around the charity shops in the area and stealing a lot of high quality goods that are intended for the shops, and therefore reducing the profits that are intended to help those in need.

I would be grateful if you could bring this issue to local peoples'

attention, and suggest that people do not leave items outside the shops, and wait until they are open to take things in.

Carly-Ann Cole, Langshott, Horley.