Regarding your recent story about the cat found in the Raglan Road area of Reigate, which had an Italian microchip, thank you and your editor on behalf of all of us at Cats Protection for helping us to find the cats's owners.

Thankfully Max's owners came forward after seeing his picture in your paper.

He has not been in the UK long and has the full Pet Passport.

Sadly, we think his exploring took him a little too far away from home - about one or two miles.

He has travelled with his family around the world and has recently come over from France through the tunnel.

We and Trading Standards are grateful to you for putting his story in the paper. All we ask is that people check their cat's microchip details and when, and if they move, or change their phone number, they update the details.

Just one phone call is all that is needed.

Thanks again, from me, Max – three years old and now having lots of cuddles - and his family.

Rosie Collins, Crawley, Reigate and District Cats Protection.