The divide between the haves and have-nots of Reigate once again rears its ugly head.

I was so upset to hear of the proposed rent increase at my local allotment association that I wrote the same evening to the borough council.

When I came in from work tonight there was waiting for me his reply, along with this week's copy of Life.

I read the reply to my letter first, which actually confirmed my opinion that our caring council are not prepared to reconsider the rent increase for the New Pond Farm.

At this point it is relevant to point out this is actually an old barn-type building and not some glamorous farmhouse.

The proposed increase will ensure the end of this wonderful facility. That is a certainty.

I read with interest your article on page 3. I did not like the pompous comment by the spokeswoman from the borough council, who, I feel sure, has no idea of the value of our allotment association.

How dare she assume the increased rent is acceptable to the many pensioners who use it.

I then read the article on page 5 concerning our caring, elected, and paid-for-by-us MPs' expenses.

As usual one rule does not fit all. May I suggest a suitable cull of these overheads, our caring MPs, would put plenty of money back in the borough bank and they could stop looking at destroying a community facility that runs on such a small budget?

Janice Newey, Jason Close, Redhill