Wind turbines 100 metres high may have their appeal but rows and rows of these along the Surrey Hills would damage their present character beyond all recognition.

Individual or small groups in selected locations may add interest to the scene but along the crests of the hills, presumably where the wind is strongest, would certainly sacrifice much of South East England’s wonderful scenery.

But why this dependence on wind power? What will happen when we get a spell of calm weather, as has happened in the last week?

This can happen in the winter, too. Power cuts? Why not rely on tidal power which can be calculated and is utterly reliable?

The tidal range in the Bristol Channel is one of the largest in the world.

I understand power can be harnessed even without construction of dams. The Woolwich Barrier needs replacement in any case within 20 years.

Let’s have some common sense.

Raymond Fry, Hurstleigh Drive, Redhill