16sep letter IN your front page article “Have A Say On Airport Noise,” you mention that the European Union have told Gatwick Airport to provide noise measurements using the Lden measurement of average noise.

I have just looked up this system of noise measurement on the internet and it says there that this requires measurements over the period of one year in order to get an accurate average level.

This, by my estimation, will put back the possible outcome of a judgement by at least one year!

What a waste of everybody's time and money.

The only people who have any right to complain about airport noise are those who lived near the site before the airport was built.

Those who moved there after the place was built have no right to complain because they knew that, by its very nature, an airport is bound to expand as business increases, and noise levels are also bound to get higher as aircraft are made larger, necessitating larger, more powerful engines to get them off the ground.

Incidentally, I have lived in Horley for 30 years now, and have not been troubled by noise from the airport since we moved from the A23 near the Air Balloon, to where we live now, which is nearer the airport runway!

If anyone is interested, the page on the internet where I found this information was: www.imagine_project.org In the article it states that the average is taken using both one year's worth of measurements, and short-term, local measurements.

To get the correct average readings you have to take the whole years' readings.

I have no doubt there will be some clever dick who thinks they know better, but this is what the EU have decreed.

Robin Davies,The Ridgeway,Horley