May I protest about the slaughter on Tenth Avenue or more accurately, Station Approach, Horley?

Yet more of the trees have been hacked down to grotesque stumps. Who does this and why?

No doubt most of our community are as bemused and unimpressed as I am.

If it is a safety matter, ok – but where's the consultation/communication?

And what a turn-off for visitors leaving the station, stage right. It negates the excellent work done to enhance the town centre.

Next impression is the grim subway. Happily, our unimpressed visitors emerge to be welcomed by the sunshine of the new Oasis Cafe.

Whichever Genghis Khan perpetrated the chainsaw massacre would be better employed clearing the bomb site of rubbish dumped beyond the wire “fence” opposite the destruction – or perhaps blinkers could be supplied to our visitors and residents alike.

Alan Tracey, Rickwood, Horley