Last week I was in my garden enjoying the lovely weather when I heard a flock of noisy birds approaching.

My brother who lives near us has racing pigeons and we often see them flying overhead.

However, these were really squawky and I couldn’t believe my eyes as they came closer – there were about 15 parakeets!

I shouted for the rest of the family to come out and see them but, of course, by the time they got outside there were no birds and they thought I was going loopy.

The next day my youngest son Archie was in the garden and said, ‘Mum, why is there a green parrot in the tree?’ I tried in vain to get my hands on a camera but, of course, the bird flew off.

Chatting to my brother and researching on the internet, it seems that these birds are on the increase in the wild.

It really is a surreal sight. Others must have seen them.

Cabby Luxford, Haroldslea Drive, Horley