I would like to express my thanks to all of those involved in making Redhill and Reigate Carnival happen last weekend. A huge number of people contributed – most of all the committee, but also the stewards, performers, paraders, bands, sponsors, and many more. Again it was an excellent event, despite happening during a far more difficult economic climate than the last two carnivals.

As someone who has been peripherally involved in the three carnivals in Redhill since 2002, I know how much effort is needed to organise these events, and all residents are lucky that there are enthusiastic volunteers, such as Fran Giles and her team, who are willing to put the time and effort into it over many, many months beforehand.

If it was not for them there would certainly not have been a carnival, and we would all have been deprived of the uplifting weekend we have just had.

I hope that a number of other residents will have been inspired enough by this year’s carnival to volunteer to help organise the next one – it will not happen without them.

J M Ellacott, Kingsfield Way, Redhill