Did you know that Caterham and Oxted are getting small supermarkets because the Co-op has taken over the old Woolies stores?

Why not have a new small supermarket such as Co-op in the Woolies in Redhill too – rather than risking a new Tesco that could turn Redhill’s centre into a “supermarket and charity shops” town forever?

We should reject the current Tesco application for at least three reasons: 1. It would sell 25% non-food items which will make it harder for the range of new, local shops (and our “super-market”) to provide what we need.

2. It is in the wrong place (outside the town centre).

3. It is too big (eight times the size for businesses on that site in the council’s current plans).

Likewise, the council should not simply accept the proposed “shop, office and new flats” development just proposed for Cromwell Road.

While Cromwell Road deserves improvement, relocating homes into blocks of flats above a shopping centre is likely to make things worse in the long run.

And why build another 90,000 sqft of office space while the huge Red Central office block and many others lie empty?

Redhill misses both Lidl and Woolworths.

Let’s have a co-operative approach and fight to get the best deal for Redhill – not reduce our town’s future to a choice between two developers. Redhill deserves a better deal now.

Jonathan Essex, Green Party, Common Road, Redhill