May I write about choking? As a resident of the aesthetic Langshott estate, I noticed with dismay, as our beautiful trees and shrubs shed their autumnal leaves, how many were being choked by beer cans, plastic bags, bottles, traffic cones and sundry rubbish – all non-biodegradable – so they will stay and accumulate forever.

My non-vindictive suggestion is that those on community service should be given a motivational opportunity to rescue their environment by clearing the rubbish.

Presumably, the mindless perpetrators and those on community service, sing, as it were, from the same hymn sheet.

My idea may not be legal but it would address the choking epidemic. What else will?

When I was a boy a nationwide advert was “Prosecution stopped the spitter, can’t we do the same for litter?”

The beautiful plants, so miraculously revitalised at this time of the year, must be weeping at our asinine neglect.

Alan Tracey, Rickwood, Langshott, Horley