I must reply to the attack on Horley Infant School for staying open during the snow.

Firstly, the headmistress did not force parents to take their children to school if they found it too difficult or if they wanted to keep them at home to play snowballs.

She was merely offering a service to parents who needed to get to work and children who wanted to go to school.

Secondly, this was not a publicity stunt. The press were not called in, they requested an interview after they found out the school was open.

The whole atmosphere of the school is one of learning through fun and nurture. I know, because, my grandchild went there and there wasnt a day she didn’t enjoy it.

Don’t let’s knock something when its good, we need schools like this where our childern want to engage in the learning process.

Mrs J Gibbons,Balcombe Road,Horley