I am writing from Woodside Way, Salfords, in disgust at the state of our roads.

West Avenue, Salfords, has around 30 potholes in the space of less than 200 yards.

Residents have complained to the council and nothing has been done.

We have had this problem for years due to traffic from Salfords School.

On the route from Copsleigh, through Woodside Way, and on to West Avenue, there are more than 60 potholes.

This is a major health and safety issue, especially as it is on a school route, and I believe one that should be sorted given the rise in council tax we are expected to pay in the borough.

One person has even added their own “Beware of the potholes” sign!

The council have, however, been cutting our trees down.

Shame they are not spending our money more wisely.

Claire Mortimer, Woodside Way, Salfords