I am saddened by the story about Horley Infant School staying open in the snow.

The sensible decision to close all schools was taken by Surrey Education Authority.

The Horley schools are part of a learning partnership which aims to foster the benefits of being a community both socially and educationally. The decision to “stand alone” is not to be applauded (why were the reporters invited?) as it created disharmony within families and the community.

It is difficult enough having young families split between infant and junior schools as it is. To remove families from the great transport problems that the snow inevitably created was practical.

The Horley schools already struggle with the divisive “bid for places” system both for reception classes and again for junior level. For the schools to act as a cohesive unit whenever possible is vital, particularly in a potentially inflammatory situation as the media made the snow.

Thankfully my youngest children attend two schools which both followed the recommendation to close so we enjoyed the rare and special treat of all that the snow offered. I was relieved not to have to take my four-year -old to school.

Susan Luckett, Hedingham Close, Horley