Regarding Jill Harvey’s letter, I totally support 20mph speed limits.

However, such limits do not make vehicles travel at 20mph.

I live in a 20mph zone in Smallfield and feel utter despair at the majority of motorists who drive through our village at 40mph and more, with total disregard for anyone else and the law.

Jill Harvey would be most welcome to join us for early morning coffee or late afternoon tea to observe these idiotic people demonstrating their “respect” and desire to give us all a “quieter, gentler and more pleasant environment”.

These drivers range from mothers driving their children to school to drivers of heavy goods vehicles, whose livelihood depends on their ability to keep their licence.

I frequently stop and stare aghast at these drivers in an attempt to shame them into sense; my reward often being the one finger salute.

This is a desperate problem for all of us but sadly speed zones alone are not the answer.

Michael Brazier, Redehall Road, Smallfield