When, when, when are the parking restrictions on the Gardens estate in Horley going to be removed?

It is ridiculous that in the majority of roads there never was a problem in the first place.

I live in Fairfield Avenue, which is a nice long road with plenty of space, yet because my family have grown up and all now have their own cars, we have to try and squash four cars on to a driveway that was originally only designed for two.

I really object to having to pay to park. Why should the council make a profit? Have we got to tarmac the whole of our front gardens just so the roads, which were designed for cars, can look pretty and empty?

I am sure there are plenty of others who would agree that the whole situation should be reviewed and scrapped.

Yes, I am sure there are roads that did get clogged up with holiday and commuter cars.

But again, the residents should not have to pay to park.

What is so wrong with parking outside our own homes? Why do we have to use parking bays anyway?

D Whibley, Fairfield Avenue, Horley