The news item in this week's Life about the HPV vaccination campaign to protect against cervical cancer includes an unreferenced statement that "the vaccine itself is safe, with no serious side effects reported either in clinical trials or among the hundreds of thousands of women who have received it worldwide."

How can this be true when there is a report from the USA published on September 17 ( stating that there are, indeed, "thousands of documented severe side effects, including numerous deaths"?

A quick check on YouTube with key words such as HPV or Gardasil provides plenty of accessible information that confirms this warning from many months ago.

I have written to the MHRA and the NHS asking that they halt the Immunisation Programme inschools and GP practices while this evidence is looked at properly.

Having seen some devastating effects of adverse immunisation reactions in children who then needed a lifetime's care, I would encourage Year 8 girls to do their own research before they line up against the wall for even one of these injections.

I would also urge readers to consider the harm that this Government campaign is doing to young people by engendering fear with mass-media marketing tactics. Even the design of the campaign posters is stark and war-like, with a black wall, uniform and a "tattoo" impression.

It is a shame that £100 million per year of taxpayers' money would need to be set aside for this dubious programme when natural, harmless and beneficial ways of improving public health are completely ignored or suppressed.

This has been going on for years. It is time for a change of approach if we want to encourage wellbeing in our young people.

Grace Filby, Howard Road, Reigate