When I moved into my house in 1996 I purchased two dustbins, one for household and one for garden.

I was then supplied by the council with a wheelie bin for household and subsequently had to buy bags from the Help Shop for garden waste, making my two perfectly-formed and fairly new dustbins, obsolete.

Up until now I have been using my purchased garden bags to line one of my original dustbins, tying up the bag and placing at the end of my drive for collection.

Now, and I do understand the plastic bags are not cost effective or landfill friendly and should never have been introduced in the first place, I am expected to pay for a new bin or bag as of September of this year. Why are the council spending more money on bins and bags when most of us already have our original containers? Why can't we use them?

Also, as a non-driving widow of pension age, how am I expected to recycle my glass jars and bottles?

I was supplied with a box for paper - which I've already replaced twice because they throw it on to my drive from a distance and it gets another crack each week - but never anything for glass.

So, unfortunately, it all goes in the main household bin, which is a shame because I really would like to be green for the future generation.

Vivienne Fisher, Landen Park, Horley