Our flat overlooks the recycling bins in the Victoria Road car park in Horley.

We appreciate that the bins were there before the flats were built but there is a notice over them requesting people to dispose of their bottles and rubbish between 8am and 8pm.

Some vans come to empty noisy bottles well after midnight.

We moved to these retirement flats because they are so convenient for all the Horley amenities - doctor, library, post office, shops, dentist, etc.

However, we did not bargain for the constant noise of office and car alarms going off, large lorries coming in at night, bottle bins being tipped up and emptied at 6.20am and mad drunkards standing on top of their cars between midnight and 3am, shouting and making a nuisance of themselves.

Apart from this, we have had teenagers throwing shopping trolleys at the wooden barriers and skate-boarding on our entrance steps.

May we respectfully ask these people to think about their grannies and grand-dads and show us some consideration in our old age.

Patricia Alderman, Massetts Road, Horley