Having managed to get into Horley for the first time in many months, I looked at the new station entrance. Original sketches were quite modern-looking but all I could see was a small door in the corner of the building. What happened to talk of opening up one of the arches into Platform One and making a smart entrance?

Now the layout of Victoria Road is being changed. Traffic will be going on to smaller roads not suitable for heavier vehicles. How are all the cars from new housing to the north going to get into town?

I notice that housebuilding has already started or will be soon. All the infrastructure appears to be on a "follow on" basis.

You will be lucky if you ever get it if the station is anything to go by. Resurfacing a road and doing up bits is playing at the job. New planters and "gateways" both sides of Horley do not add up to regenerating the shopping centre. Just another waste of money, making it look good.

A promise to regenerate Horley? Try making the town centre alive again. Changing roads and building mini-roundabouts is only dabbling with mistakes made years ago.

Try using a bit of that item sorely missing in this day and age - common sense. We pay taxes and expect to get something back. Stop meddling and get on with replacing what has been destroyed over the last few years with bright ideas.

Donald B Hannam, Cheyne Walk, Horley