We are writing in reply to the letter from Peter Camden (July 1).

As local councillors we know the pavement of Three Arch Road could benefit from repair works and we have asked our highways officer to include it on our list of pavements to be improved.

As elected members we work closely with council officers to help ensure resources are used well and are targeted where they can be most effective.

Within the East Surrey Highways Department the budget is divided so each district or borough receives an appropriate share, which is then sub-divided so a given amount can be directed towards improvements, carriageway maintenance and pavement maintenance.

The council, like most highway authorities in the country, find the fairest way to decide which pavements receive treatment is to survey our pavements that are known would benefit from reconstruction and award points for the number of problems found every year.

Each location is then prioritised and works are carried out on those pavements the survey shows are in the greatest need, as long as the budget can cover the work.

We hope to have Three Arch Road improved as soon as possible, but as we have explained above there is a system for determining the priorities for repairing pavements that must be followed.

Councillor Barbara Thomson , ward councillor, Earlswood and Whitebushes Councillor Frances Taylor, Surrey county councillor