WE DO not need a second runway.

I read with interest the comments last week and am glad the fact regarding the Surrey, Sussex border and that Gatwick being taken from our jurisdiction has caused Horley many problems is been aired again.

However, Horley doesn't need the second runway. The so-called "business" it will bring to the area is questionable. Big business has demonstrated on more than one occasion that all it's interested in is the bottom line and not the community.

BAA will fail, but this has little to do with their owners, more to do with the UK's aviation plan to deal with transfer passengers to make money. This is even before we get on to the ecological issues.

Yes, attract businesses like Waitrose, promote local brands alongside them but no multinationals. Where has the big brand travel agent gone?

Crawley! Let them stay there. Shop local and support local companies and tradesman where you can.

If we want to breathe life back into our community we need to ask ourselves what's wrong with UK society? "No values"! No wonder when all that is been considered is the bottom line of the balance sheet and how to make a quick buck? Our quality of life doesn't belong with people who think like this. But with people who can strike an even balance, all future deals must be a win-win situation.

More co-operation such as the overdue announcement from the council and developers that the road and path infrastructure is to be upgraded is good news. A new youth club as well, at last. If we really put our hearts and minds into it maybe we can have a new local sports centre and a cash injection into our schools?

But as Alan Tracey said this should not be at the expense of the established local community. Do not sell our recreational spaces to developers when there are brown sites that need to be developed. I can't say I have seen the plans but I hope the businesses mentioned in the letter have been offered a very favourable relocation package? If not why not?

Master plan? Well no, but a step in the right direction at long last.

Steve Martin, Longchamp Close, Horley