Saturn V Association member clubs took part in the first competition of 2009 at Oakwood Sports Centre, Horley, home of Springfit Gymnastics and Trampoline Club, yesterday.

The clubs met for a Tumbling and Acrobatic competition, which drew more than 90 people - the biggest turnout of friends and family the clubs had ever seen.

The competition consisted of two disciplines, tumbling and acrobatic performances.

There was success for many of the younger gymnasts who showed good control at the novice tumbling grades which preceded the older, more experienced gymnasts showing their new somersaulting skills at the more advanced Grade 7 level.

Judges were also very impressed with the strength and flexibility the gymnasts showed in their well-choreographed acrobatic pair and trio routines.

Acrobatics is a discipline which uses no apparatus but only the strength and trust of the gymnasts to balance, performed to music with entertaining dance moves linking elements.

Pictured are the Tumbling and Acrobatic medal winners showing some of their acrobatic skills: Megan Davies, Zoe Burcombe, Lily Fairhall, Holly French, Emma French, Zara Coen,Dominic Montgomery, Carla Stoica, Daisy Roadnight and Alexandra Stoica, all of Pointers, and Springfit gymnasts Emily Charman, Abbie Clifton, Amber Clifton, Katherine Da-Silva-Skinner, Chelsie Kilgannon and Rachna Patel.

Saturn V run trampolining and gymnastics classes for all ages from pre-school upwards and have several local training venues.

They also run classes in Horley for special needs care homes and day centres.

Details from Paul or Shirley on 01342 870543 and for Springfit in Horley from Adam Reynolds on 07932 752 081. Website: