Battersea Youth 5

Redhill Albion U9 0

Following a dismal week of weather the weekend was crying out for a dry spell and another win in The Shield Cup (Round 2). Saturday was almost a wash-out and Sunday followed suit in the result stakes.

Battersea Youth presented a team of tall and agile young footballers with Redhill Juniors showing the usual determined start. Unfortunately for the lads, this weekend was going to end as it started - miserable.

The first half looked to be a fairly even contest with two goals going to Battersea. Losing shape in the second half enabled the "Tall Lad" from Battersea to command most of the pitch and set about unhinging the Redhill tenacity.

The game was won and lost in the midfield arena and there were solid performances for Redhill by Meldrum, Smart and Budgen.

Lad of the match was Budgen for tireless and skilful efforts in midfield.