Saturn V Association of gymnastics and trampoline clubs held a successful floor and vault competition at the de Stafford Sports Centre in Caterham, home of Pointers Gymnastics and Trampoline Club.

Pictured are Abbie Clifton, Amber Clifton, Katie Pidgeon, Kerry Holland, Zoe Burcombe, Emily Charman, Victoria Anglim, Megan Davies, Daisy Roadnight, Dominic Montgomery, Alicia Wearne, Abigail Ferguson, Holly French, Emma French, Madison Whitehead, Oliver Westergaard-Belcher, Francesca Bagley, Molly Meese, Hannah Bagley, Carla Stoica, Lucy Parker, Stacey Connor, Alexandra Stoica and Jessica Lawes.

The Saturn V Association runs classes for all ages from pre-school upwards and has several training venues. It also runs classes in Caterham and Horley forspecial needs care homes and day centres.

Details on 01342 870 543. For Springfit in Horley call 07932 752 081.