Pupils at the Royal Alexandra and Albert School in Reigate got a taste of what life was like during World War Two when they took part in a vegetable growing drive.

The Year Four pupils had a go at growing their own produce in the school's orchard in the project entitled Digging For Victory, recalling the wartime Government drive Dig For Victory.

The children also tended chickens that arrived at the school and were rewarded with a regular supply of eggs.

Teacher Rebecca Donohoe said: “The children have enjoyed Digging For Victory just as children did in the war and the food they have grown is impressive.

“They have produced lettuce, radishes, peas, potatoes, chives and eggs.

“An added bonus is that they have eaten vegetables that they normally wouldn’t try.”

All the produce grown was used to create an egg salad meal in the school's Food Technology room.

Headmaster Paul Spencer Ellis said: “It is wonderful that this project is reconnecting children with where their food comes from, as well as giving them a real feel for history.”