Sixteen children at Horley Infant School were rewarded with certificates for achieving 100 per cent attendance for 100 consecutive days over the long winter months. Headteacher Hilary Salter said: “The children and staff are now looking forward to the summer and even more children achieving 100 for 100.”

Pictured holding their awards are Madison Edwards, Callum Hoadley, Finn Hoadley, Luca Lauga-Brown, Luci Sydenham and Joshua Wainwright of Ladybirds class; Katie Finlay and Ellen Kashdan of Bumblebees class; Rachel George, Halle Okoye and Lauren Wells of Parrots class; Isabelle Hogg and Thierry Okoye of Butterflies class; Charles Jepson and Aaron Whitcher of Geckos class; and Katie Tyson of Chameleons class.