Pupils at Redehall Preparatory School in Horley spent a day learning how to be more environmentally friendly with a visit from Surrey Waste Management’s (SWM) waste minimisation team.

Sarah Ottaway, acting waste minimisation team manager, and Toni Waters, waste minimisation advisor at SWM, spent a day at the school in Redehall Road, Smallfield, taking an assembly and giving lessons to 100 pupils aged between three and 11.

The youngsters took part in a variety of activities designed to show them the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling their rubbish.

The activities included becoming waste detectives, where pupils sorted through a mock bin of specially designed props to decide whether items, such as cans and food, could be recycled.

Miss Ottaway said it was important that young people understood the importance of diverting waste from landfill.

She said: “The day was meant to be a fun way to get an important message across.

“We hope that by sowing the seeds early, the children will reduce, reuse and recycle their waste for the rest of their lives and encourage their parents to do the same.”

Headteacher Wendy Emond said the visit coincided with the launch of the school’s recycling initiative, where a competition was held to see who brought in the most newspapers and magazines to be recycled.

SWM runs an education programme for schools and community groups.