Some Wales fans booed the English national anthem when it was sung midway through the World Cup 2022 match between the two nations.

Both national anthems before the game were well-observed but it was when England supporters sang 'God Save the King' midway through the first half that several boos could be heard coming from the end housing the majority of Welsh fans.

The Mirror reports that the independence movement is currently growing in Wales and may have had a part to play in this.

Many in the country reportedly felt that the title of Prince of Wales should have been discontinued when King Charles ascended to the throne in September upon the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

Redhill And Reigate Life: Wales fans in the stadium during the England matchWales fans in the stadium during the England match (Image: PA)

Instead, the title was passed down to Prince William, who is also the chairman of the English FA.

The Mirror also claims that there was also anger in Wales when Charles opted to visit Cardiff as part of his tour of the home nations following the death of his mother.

This is seemingly because Charles visited on September 16, which is Owain Glyndwyr Day in Wales

It commemorates the day in 1400 when Glyndwyr began an uprising against Henry IV which effectively established Wales as a country, so has key cultural significance.

Some of these factors may have had a part to play, but it is also just likely that the rivalry between the neighbouring countries was the reason.

England won the match 3-0 yesterday to progress as winners of Group B, whilst Wales finished bottom with just one point.