Football fans have been warned to not be “visibly under the influence of alcohol” or be shirtless in stadiums at the World Cup in Qatar.

FIFA has prepared a “stadium code of conduct” applying to all 64 matches at the tournament in the Gulf state.

This document outlines a number of things that fans must not do unless “expressly authorised by the event organisers, where appropriate”.

Among those is to not be "Visibly under the influence of alcohol, narcotics or any narcotic substance" and to not "Remove items of clothing or otherwise remain in a state of undress (including being shirtless) or reveal intimate body parts".

Redhill And Reigate Life: Football fans must not be shirtless in stadiums at the World CupFootball fans must not be shirtless in stadiums at the World Cup (Image: PA)

Guidance from the UK Foreign Office says that visitors to Qatar should “dress modestly” in public and that being drunk in public could see a prison sentence of up to six months or a fine levied on an individual.

What other rules are there in stadiums at Qatar World Cup?

There are a number of prohibited items that will not be allowed in the stadiums, including inflatable items and vuvuzelas.

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Additionally, the guidance states that "bottles, cups, jars, cans or any other form of closed or capped receptacle that may be thrown or cause injury” will not be allowed in."

The document also states “food items of any kind, except if acquired inside the stadium or if they are medically required or for babies or young infants” are also prohibited, a move likely to assist tournament sponsors providing food.