Sporting the colours of your favourite football team is the traditional way to show support for your club – but it comes at a price.

The majority of top flight clubs have released their strips for the season ahead, so researchers from decided to take a look at the pricing.

Creating a table according to the cost of each Premier League club shirt, the results are eyewatering.

Prices start from £49 for Brentford’s Umbro top – winning the affordability contest.

However, at the other end of the table, weighing in at a whopping £115 are standard adult shirts for Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool, both made by Nike.

Other clubs with hefty price tags include Manchester United and Arsenal, both supplied by Adidas, which sell their shirts for a cool £100.

Most and least expensive shirts in Premier League

This list shows the Premier League clubs in order of the cost of their replica shirts, highest price down to lowest, including who supplies the kits.

Liverpool: £115 - Nike

Tottenham: £115 - Nike

Arsenal: £100 - Adidas

Manchester United: £100 - Adidas

West Ham United: £85 - Umbro

Fulham: £80 - Adidas

Chelsea: £74.95 - Nike

Manchester City: £70 - Puma

Newcastle United: £70 - Castore

Aston Villa: £65.00 - Castore

Leicester City: £63 - Adidas

Leeds United: £61.95 - Adidas

Everton: £60 - Hummel

Nottingham Forest: £59.50 - Macron

AFC Bournemouth: £55 - Umbro

Crystal Palace: £55 - Macron

Southampton: £55 - Hummel

Wolverhampton: £55 - Castore

Brighton & Hove Albion FC: £52 - Nike

Brentford: £49 - Umbro