BBC's new drama, Floodlights, follows the harrowing story of former professional footballer Andy Woodward and his revelations in 2016 about the sexual abuse he suffered as a youth player at the hands of coach Barry Bennell. 

The drama looks at Andy's life from a boy who had the world at his feet until he could no longer ignore the haunting memories of abuse he was subject to which saw his career cut short. 

Floodlights examine the power and control Bennell had over young players and their families with the promise their dreams would come true. 

The show is written by BAFTA winner Matt Greenhalgh who is best known for the acclaimed film, Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool.

Floodlight Cast List:

  • Andrew Woodward- Gerard Kearns
  • Barry Bennell- Jonas Armstrong
  • Jean Woodward- Morven Christie
  • Young Woody- Max Fletcher
  • Terry Woodward- Steve Edge
  • DS Haleford- Neil Bell
  • DC Blakefield- Mark Holgate
  • Neil Warnock- Antony Byrne
  • Ash Stephenson- Mohammad Sakhi
  • DC Grace Jessica- Baglow
  • Batzy- Lawton Dickens

When is Floodlights on?

Floodlights is a featured-length episode, at an hour 20 and will be on screens at 9pm on BBC Two and BBC iPlayer on Tuesday, May 17.