New research has revealed the areas with the highest and lowest amounts of potholes in the UK.

The data, compiled by MoneySuperMarket revealed that Cornwall has the highest number of potholes in the UK, with over 210,000 reported since January 2017.

Meanwhile in terms of cost, Wiltshire has been named as the area which has spent the most amount of money repairing potholes – an eye-catching £69 million.

Which areas reported the most potholes?

The analysis, based on data sent in response to a Freedom of Information request, revealed that Cornwall, reported over 25,000 more potholes than Cambridgeshire (184k), which came in second place. Derbyshire (172k), Devon (148k) and Oxfordshire (110k) ranked third, fourth and fifth respectively.

Which areas spent the most on repairing potholes?

Wiltshire tops the charts when it comes to expenditure, with the West Country county having spent the most since 2017 - £69 million.

This is nearly £18 million more than Warwickshire which spent £51 million. Cheshire West and Chester (£39 million), Kent (£34 million) and Cheshire East (£24 million) were the next highest spenders.

Which areas reported the fewest potholes?

At the other end of the findings, Kensington and Chelsea recorded the fewest potholes (141) followed by the Isle of Anglesea (290) and Sunderland City Council (320).

Stockport reported the lowest pothole spend in the country of £24k, followed by Kensington and Chelsea (£34k) and Rutland (£44k).

What have researchers said?

Deepa Patel, car insurance spokesperson at MoneySuperMarket, said: “As most drivers will know, potholes are a real nuisance.

"It’s not only that they can be dangerous from a safe driving perspective, but they can also cause damage to your car.

"Burst tyres, problems with suspension and even damage to your vehicle’s body work – potholes can really make their presence felt. 

"The cost of repairs for this kind of damage can be high, so it’s important you have the correct level of insurance cover – particularly if you live in an area where potholes are common.

“If your policy is coming to an end soon, you should shop around to make sure you have the right car insurance deal for your needs. Shopping around can save up to £280.”

The full list of results can be found below:

Most potholes reported or identified by local authority

1. Cornwall Council    210,331
2. Cambridgeshire County Council    184,402
3. Derbyshire County Council    172,297
4. Devon County Council    147,779
5. Oxfordshire County Council    110,106
6. East Riding of Yorkshire Council    106,144
7. Durham County Council    99630
8. Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council    83964
9. Hertfordshire County Council    72,230
10. Fife Council    70254
11. Kirklees Metropolitan Borough Council    67811
12. Dumfries and Galloway Council    65473
13. Kent County Council    64169
14. Hampshire County Council    54958
15. Newcastle upon Tyne City Council    54,641
16. East Renfrewshire Council    51633
17. Essex County Council    48723
18. City of Glasgow    47145
19. Wiltshire Council    43280
20. Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council    43,118 

Fewest potholes reported or identified by local authority
1. Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea    141
2. Isle of Anglesey Council    290
3. Sunderland City Council    320
4. Rutland County Council    687
5. Portsmouth City Council    811
6. London Borough of Bexley    882
7. London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham    1283
8. London Borough of Haringey    1451
9. London Borough of Lambeth    1607
10. Bracknell Forest Council    1706
11. Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead    1,952
12. Nottinghamshire County Council    2793
13. Nottingham City Council    3238
14. London Borough of Southwark    3301
15. Calderdale    3363
16. Luton Borough Council    3614
17. City of Westminster    3712
18. North East Lincolnshire Council    3844
19. Salford City Council    3864
20. Coventry City Council     4041
Highest pothole spend by local authority
1. Wiltshire Council    £68,636,826
2. Warwickshire County Council    £51,234,011
3. Cheshire West and Chester    £38,645,000
4. Kent County Council    £33,400,000
5. Cheshire East    £23,871,807
6. Hertfordshire County Council    £21,749,578
7. Essex County Council    £21,000,000
8. Cumbria County Council    £11,713,000
9. Hampshire County Council    £11,004,031
10. Cornwall Council    £10,528,114

Lowest pothole spend by local authority
1. Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council    £24,323
2. Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea    £33,720
3. Rutland County Council    £44,200
4. London Borough of Lambeth    £123,468
5. Gloucestershire County Council    £134,869
6. London Borough of Southwark    £139,232
7. London Borough of Haringey    £142,793
8. Cardiff Council    £228,733
9. Midlothian Council     £256,670
10. London Borough of Bexley    £284,424