Many pictures show a policeman on point duty in the centre of Redhill but few show one in the centre of Reigate.

In July 1932 tenders were sought for automatic traffic signals at Reigate and Redhill market places.

The saving would be £1,000 a year in police manpower at a cost of £240.

By September 1932 automatic traffic signals were being installed in both towns with Reigate's working on a timed basis and Redhill's being operated partly by road pads.

In that same month the Ministry of Transport was considering the regulation of direction indicators on cars.

In 1934 Reigate traffic lights were converted from fixed time operation to vehicle activation.

In July 1935 the studding of pedestrian crossings in both towns was carried out, Reigate's being at the Tunnel and Market Square, the junction of Bell Street and High Street.

In that October beacons were installed at the crossings. It was remarked of the studs that while they were highly visible and increased safety there were still many Reigate motorists whose brains did not react to them or to the signs saying No Overtaking in the tunnel.

Article by Alan Moore, author of A History of Redhill Volumes 1 and 2. History website