For such a young town Redhill could be famous for old buildings that have been demolished.

The building pictured here is Scamperdale, where Sam Marsh had stables in the early 1900s.

This view of the front of it was taken looking east across gardens between Warwick Road and Clarendon Road.

The structure showing above and behind Scamperdale is the top part of the old Co-op, where the lift machinery was housed and on top of which the Second World War siren was mounted.

The building with the conservatory on the far left of the picture later became the British Legion Headquarters but. like Scamperdale, is no longer standing.

The people in the picture are in the gardens of houses that once stood on the western side of Clarendon Road South.

In the later part of the 1900s Scamperdale was in use as a suitcase factory and warehouse. Picture courtesy of Ralph Henley.

Article by Alan Moore, author of A History of Redhill Volumes 1 and 2. History website