The Roundabout was the name given to an isolated group of 12 cottages that once stood on the common opposite Redhill and Reigate Golf Club.

A cart track led to the cottages from Pendleton Road then called Union Road. When the cottages were built is unknown but in 1900 they were considered worthy of removal, presumably because they were on the common.

The council was sympathetic to the idea but when the cottages were offered for sale at auction it was unable to bid as it had no way of knowing what the winning bid might be.

To overcome the problem a group of local men offered to bid for the cottages and if successful sell them to the council. Then as the cottages became vacant they could be demolished.

The consortium was successful in 1903 paying £1,200, but there were problems as not all councillors were in favour of the idea.

Eventually the council bought the Roundabout cottages from the consortium but in spite of the acquisition it was over half a century before they were finally demolished.

Today the golf course has been extended with the addition of a practice area opposite the golf club and golf balls bounce and roll on turf that covers the place close to where a dozen families once lived.

l Article by Alan Moore, author of A History of Redhill volumes 1 and 2,