Debi Porter has a soft spot for classy French markets, but thinks men make better shoppers. The self-confessed caffeine addict tells STUART PINK why Christmas is in the heart and why we all need a day off from traffic wardens

Hunting protesters stormed the House of Commons and held a demonstration in London recently to show their disapproval of a new law that could ban fox hunting. Do you think it should be banned? Yes, I do because I don't feel the foxes have a chance, and I know they are raised for hunting but I don't think it's fair.

I just think it's cruel.

John Lennon's killer, Mark Chapman, could be freed on parole next month. Do you think he should be let back into society? No, because he took a life. Why should he be allowed to be free while John Lennon's family are in mourning and always will be.

He's obviously mad and I don't think you can get over madness like that. There's too many mad people walking the streets as it is.

Residents living near the Holmethorpe Industrial Estate have been offered alternative accommodation over Christmas because of the noise from the development. Would you accept their offer if you lived nearby? Yes, if it was going to be a nuisance to me and affect my lifestyle I would definitely move out.

I think it's a very generous offer, the people living there do not have to go. Christmas can be celebrated anywhere, it's in your heart.

What national newspapers do you read? The Sun and The News of the World.

A recent survey in a national newspaper revealed men are better shoppers than women because they are more focused. Do you agree? Yes, because men know what they want and they are in and out of the shop as quick as they can, spending lots of money in a short space of time. I think men want to finish their shopping so they can get to the pub. Women are more careful with their money, whereas men will buy something just so they can get out of the shop.

Organisations across the borough took part in the world's biggest coffee morning attempt, in aid of Macmillan Cancer Relief on Friday. Did you attend one of them and do you think it's a good idea for a record attempt? I think they have deliberately kept it from me because I'm a caffeine addict. It sounds like a good idea as it gets the community together and you can meet new people.

How do you vote? I don't, I think one government is as bad as the other. They will all charge me taxes.

The Life is running a campaign called Back to Life to breathe life back into the Old Town Hall in Reigate and restore it to its former glory. How would you like to see it developed? I think it should be a music centre where live music can be played and musicians could meet.

There are very few live venues around here so I think it would be really popular. It could be a place where musicians can do DIY sessions and have an open mic where people can learn from each other and jam.

Wedding experts described Britney Spears' wedding as trashy' last week. Do you agree? Yes, it was definitely trashy because a wedding day is important and we should look our best and show respect for the institution of marriage, not make a showbiz farce of it.

If you were mayor for the day what would you do to Redhill and Reigate? I would like to give everybody a day off from the traffic wardens, because most of the time they are very rude.

I would also like the market to be more organised and offer a bit more variety, making it classier. The French markets that are held here sometimes are lovely. You pay extra for your baked goods but it's worth it.

l The Hippy Shop offers a wide range of alternative products that cannot be bought anywhere else in Redhill and Reigate.

It's been in the Arcade (opposite McDonald's) in Redhill since December after previously being located in Cromwell Road.

The shop sells traditional hippy clothes and many other items including incense, candles, jewellery, decorations and batiks.

Owner Debi Porter said: "The Hippy Shop has a small and cosy atmosphere, and you should come in for some shopping where you will get ideas for Christmas as well as have a friendly greeting from myself and my dogs Sharkey, Holly and Thai."

The Hippy Shop also does nose and ear piercing for £5.

Opening hours are Monday to Saturday, 10am-5pm.

For more information call 01737 763777.