When the House of Commons voted overwhelmingly in favour of an outright ban on fox-hunting on Monday night it brought joy to Surrey anti-hunt protesters but disappointment to the hunt.

Julie Roxburgh, 64, Surrey’s local representative for the League Against Cruel Sports said she was very pleased by the vote.

“We have been pushing for a total ban for many years, not just on fox-hunting but any hunting with dogs,” she said.

Ms Roxburgh, who is also a hunt saboteur, said she and others would continue to monitor hunts across Surrey through the summer.

She added: “We are always doing peaceful monitoring to ensure – as much as we can – that animals do not get hurt. We will also be supporting all members of the government who are supporting a ban.” If the ban comes through Ms Roxburgh added that local anti-hunt groups will be ensuring it is enforced.

But Reigate resident Daniel Davies, 52, committee member of the Surrey Union Hunt said the vote was a great disappointment.

He said: “There was a determination on the part of the backbenchers to see this through irrespective of the evidence before them – that hunting is not necessarily cruel per se.” Mr Davies said he felt that the move to ban hunting was borne out of the politics of envy as hunting is generally associated with the rich.

He added: “It is very unfortunate that the government has embarked upon these nanny state politics at a time when they have far bigger things on their plate.” However Mr Davies said he was certain that any government decision to ban fox-hunting would eventually be reversed.

He explained: “This government is decaying and sooner or later the opposition will get in and they have said they would reverse a ban.

“If that reversal takes place the issue will never be raised again as this government has seen just how borderline and controversial the whole thing is. So what is the point of all this?” The huntsman said there were no plans yet for the Surrey Union Hunt to express their opposition.