Students from the Reigate School of Art have been commissioned to create original artwork for a new play area at the Donyngs leisure centre.

The students, currently undertaking the UAL Diploma in Art & Design (Year 1) course, spent five weeks developing design ideas for the space.

The designs; ranging from simple line drawings to more detailed artworks of animals, fruits and aliens suitably impressed centre manager Tony Blatchford, who decided to use artwork from several students to fill the three walls.

Each wall will showcase a different subject: Fruit and party elements, exotic animals, and animals more common place in the UK. A unifying style and colour palette will be applied to the range of student work to tie the three zones together.

Robert Jones, head of The Reigate School Of Art said: “Designing for large scale work was an ambitious task for the students and they worked hard coming up with the ideas. Many were excellent and this made selection difficult. So we are going to use a combination of several students artwork and the students will work together on the final outcome."

Students will soon visit the leisure centre to get a feel for the space; before creating larger versions and mock-ups of the artworks which will be produced on boards and fitted to the walls.