After being performed for over ten years in several different cites across the globe, the tour of The Vagina Monologues - currently travelling across the country in a manner that laughs in the face of petrol prices - has graced The Harlequin, Redhill.

The women, and smattering of brave men, attending then knew what to expect.

The performance did not disappoint. A combination of hilariously touching anecdotes concerning female sexuality, insecurity and confidence sat surprisingly comfortably with the more harrowing subject matter of female genital mutilation, rape and abuse.

The latter was sensitively handled and appropriate given the play spawned the charity V-Day; a direct result of the tales shared by women affected by violence.

The overriding theme, however, was that of female empowerment.

Us cynical Brits may well scoff at such concepts as "being at one with your vagina" but the skilled trio of actors - Laura Harvey, Grace Kingslene and Abi Roberts - handle material which could come across as a little mawkish with a wry, self-knowing wit that cuts through this.

Their contrasting, natural performances soon made the performance feel more like an intimate gathering with friends.

All in all, The Vagina Monologues provided thought-provoking, yet hysterically funny entertainment which left the audience walking away with a desire to reclaim the feminist flag.

Well, half of us stormed the men's toilets in the interval after tiring of the queues for the ladies, which is a start.

Laura Mitchell