"Lower your standards," warned Ben Langley, Andrew Fettes and Mike Raffone at the beginning of hilarious Ha Ha Hamlet! at The Harlequin, Redhill, that saw Shakespeare's tragedy reconstructed as a piece of pun-filled street-style theatre.

Well, high drama it may not be but the "boys" still delivered a piece that was funny and engaging.

Hamlet is a play that concerns itself with performance and the masks we put on in life. From their box - or, rather, suitcases - of tricks, this threesome pulled out a production that was as much in love with theatre and performance as Hamlet is fascinated by it.

From the clowning to the inventive staging, this was theatre that not only knew it was theatre but wholeheartedly embraced its theatricality.

While it was a little too obviously actor/writer/director Langley's baby, the genuine desire to entertain was most gratifying.

Rhiannon Easterbrook

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