In Memoriam

Charlotte Mercer

Remembering Charlotte She looked too small all those years ago slender, like you were, a little intimidated amongst the bigger fellows with their thick branches and tough skins, only the Rowan to keep her company, to laugh quietly into the wind with her like you had too. Over time though, she began to stand taller with each year that passed, her roots dug deeper, holding firm, she's doing well we'd say, but we never imagined Now, 28 turns later, people stop and stare in wonder, she stands magnificent, her blossoms dancing across that valley without a care in the world How they ask? Why? What made her so spectacular? And we nod and smile, knowing the question is not what, but who? The answer, of course, is you, she grows for you and because of you and high above the Cherry tree a bird I think it's a bird writes your name in flames in the sky Charlotte How we miss you so and we love you so xxx



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