An adult education centre in Redhill is showing off a colourful new look.

Colebrook Day Service, on St Anne’s Drive, has been open since 1975, providing education and activities for adults with learning difficulties and complex needs, including drama, dance, art and pottery classes.

For the past 17 years, the centre has been under almost constant threat of closure due to Surrey County Council considering other organisations to provide the same services. As its future has been uncertain, the centre’s staff have been reluctant to radically redecorate the building, leaving it dull and devoid of personality.

Volunteers, including the centre’s staff and some of its users, decided the centre deserved a colourful new look despite the continued uncertainty. They splashed bright shades of paint, including blue, yellow and green, onto the hall walls to create a modern art feel. They also incorporated a polka dot wall and some vivid pink flamingos to create a cheerful atmosphere.

The centre’s café was then painted blue with stripes of pastel shades around the edges. The colours, including fuchsia and lemon, have really helped to inject life back into the building, giving a morale boost to staff and users.

The paint was kindly donated by the Dulux Decorator Centre on Western Road, Wimbledon, as part of the Let’s Colour mission to add colour to people’s lives, after assistant team manager from Colebrook Day Service, Anne Shiels, nominated the project online.

Anne said: “Being uncertain about the future can take a real emotional toll on our users, some of whom have seen this centre as a second home for 35 years.

“Painting the hall shows we still have a huge sense of pride in this centre and the fantastic work we do with our users. It has improved their lives beyond belief, we can already see they are more cheerful and take pride in the time they spend here. We hope we will all spend many more happy years in this bright space.”

Peter Brown, Dulux Decorator Centre store manager, said: “We are thrilled that the paint Dulux donated has had such an effect on Colebrook Day Service’s users’ lives. The design they painted is really vivid and inspirational, it lends the hall a new lease of life.”

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