Canon UK’s head office in Reigate has been recognised by environmental champions Friends of the Earth as an official 'Bee World' location.

The site in Woodhatch has been specially marked as “bee-friendly” with a plaque.

The move has come with the British bee population under threat, partly due to disappearing green space across the UK. A Canon UK spokesman said: “Canon UK has created an environment that is designed to protect and restore bee-friendly habitats. “In the grounds of the headquarters there are bee hives, which are looked after by a professional bee keeper, and gardeners are creating areas of wild flowers on-site to provide a haven for bees and other pollinators.”

Surrie Everett-Pascoe, Canon UK’s sustainability and management systems manager, said: “We’re delighted to be working with Friends of the Earth in developing a welcoming environment for bees in our grounds to help increase their population in Reigate. “Our new Bee World also creates a great opportunity for us to improve the surroundings of our offices, making it a more appealing area to live and work.”

The Bee World initiative is one of a number at Canon UK that is focused on sustainability and protecting the surrounding environment. The office buildings themselves were purpose-built to blend into the natural landscape surrounding the buildings, with energy conservation in mind. Materials used in the construction of the office were recycled from demolition material from the original site. Solar panels are also used there to generate up to 35kw of power, and energy is further conserved through features such as natural air ventilation. For more information on Bee Worlds visit: Canon (UK) Limited is the UK and Ireland marketing and sales operation for the global company, Canon Inc, which is based in Tokyo and employs 2,150 people.

Founded in 1937 as a maker of cameras, the company has expanded into many other markets in the field of consumer and business imaging solutions, with products including portable X-ray machines.

The company has stated it believes that considering the interests of society and the environment is an integral part of good business practice. Website: