Borough planners and supermarket giant Sainsbury's have come to an in-principle agreement to provide a temporary store which will shorten the building programme for the redevelopment of Redhill's Warwick Quadrant.

Reigate and Banstead Borough Council and Sainsbury’s have agreed in-principle to provide a temporary Sainsbury’s store on Gloucester Road car park.

The store giant will now fully investigate the option, which the borough council said would “considerably shorten” the construction programme for the redevelopment of Warwick Quadrant in the town centre The plan, if it goes ahead, would save up to six months on the building works.

The borough council stated that after fully investigating the option, Sainsbury's would submit a planning application and engage with the local community as part of the planning process.

In a release, the borough council stated: “A temporary store would ensure the town centre redevelopment opens earlier.”

The release continued: “Crucially, the ability for Sainsbury’s to trade from a temporary store, rather than the existing London Road store, would save up to six months on the construction programme, significantly reducing town centre disruption and making better provision for shoppers to continue using their Sainsbury’s store.

“The earlier delivery of this major town centre investment will bring forward the 350 jobs at the new Sainsbury’s store.”

The release added: “The council would also benefit from additional income from rent paid by Sainsbury’s for the car park and earlier receipt of business rates from the new store. “The comprehensive range of public space improvements in the London Road area of the town would also be secured earlier than planned.”

The release concluded: “Without a temporary store on the Gloucester Road car park, Sainsbury’s would need to redevelop the site in stages around the still-trading existing store. “As a result, the construction programme would be considerably longer - by up to six months - and require a more complicated and expensive construction programme, leading to increased town centre disruption.”

Natalie Bramhall, borough council executive member for property and regeneration, said: “We have been in detailed discussions with Sainsbury’s and carefully weighed up all the options.”

Coun Bramhall said: “Our parking review shows that there will be sufficient parking available in Redhill town centre during the time that Gloucester Road will be needed for the temporary store.

“More importantly, it means that this key regeneration project can be completed six months earlier, which is great news for residents, businesses and shoppers, as well as reducing disruption to our town centre. “It will also secure earlier increased income for the council.”

Colin Rimmer, Sainsbury’s development surveyor, said: “We are keen to avoid the disruption and delays associated with building around our existing store, so the ability to trade from a temporary store during the construction would be of great benefit. “We will now progress detailed plans for Gloucester Road car park and will engage with the local community as our plans move forward.”

The council has agreed, in principle, to allow Sainsbury’s to rent the Gloucester Road car park to provide a 15,000 sq ft temporary foodstore, with about 100 parking spaces. The plans will be subject to achieving temporary planning consent. The proposals, which deliver on the council’s commitment to the revitalisation of Redhill town centre, include a modern 80,000 sq ft Sainsbury’s store, hotel, town centre car park and gym.