A man banned from a night shelter in Redhill because he was drunk, who then went on to make a death threat against a council worker, has been handed a two-year anti social behaviour order (ASBO).

Nicholas Maffia of Tally Road, Oxted, was handed the ASBO at Redhill Magistrates Court last week.

The court heard Maffia had approached Tandridge District Council for housing advice in May 2013, stating he had no fixed address. A homeless application was made, but was refused as he did not have a priority need. However, on numerous occasions over the next eight months, Maffia visited the council offices and was rude and abusive to staff.

He also made personal threats against council officers.

When on December 10, 2013, the council arranged a place for Maffia in a night shelter in Redhill, he was banned from the shelter because he turned up drunk. The next day, Maffia visited the council offices drunk, and threatened to hurt a member of staff.

He returned on December 16 with another homeless man, carrying wine, using very bad language and threatening to burn the place down and hurt members of staff.

On January 3, 2014, the council served a letter on him banning him from entering the offices. He returned though on January 15, and made death threats against a member of staff. The council then applied for an emergency ASBO hearing, which was adjourned as Maffia was in an alcoholic rehabilitation centre. But in March, he returned to the area, and was arrested following threats to visit the council offices and to kill an officer. He also made threats against members of the public in a supermarket car park. To protect its staff and others from further anti-social acts by Maffia, the council went ahead with its application for an ASBO, consulting Surrey Police.

The order granted by Redhill magistrates prohibits Maffia from entering the council offices, or engaging in any conduct likely to cause alarm, distress or harassment to council staff or anyone in England and Wales.

Councillor Martin Fisher, chairman of Tandridge District Council's Resources Committee, said: “Taking out an ASBO is a last resort. “We have done everything we can to help Mr Maffia, but we must protect our staff and residents from his unacceptable behaviour.”